Racial Equity Strategy Guide

Presented by Partnership for Racial Equity*


The Racial Equity Strategy Guide is offered to City of Portland bureaus and staff as an initial overview of how to begin implementing a racial equity strategy. In collaboration with the Office of Equity and Human Rights, this document can assist bureaus in developing a racial equity framework and process.  The guide includes:

  • What equity means in day-to-day practice
  • How to develop an equity lens and strategy
  • When to use important resources, such as the Office of Equity and Human Rights, Public Involvement Advisory Council and the Civil Rights Title VI program for technical assistance
  • Examples of local and national model equity work

Whether improving access to housing vouchers through language services, ensuring that budget expenditures include methods for addressing the city’s deepest disparities, or employing new planning strategies to safeguard against gentrification, equity belongs at all levels of government. It’s a “how to” guide to assist bureaus and decision-makers in developing and using effective tools, which inform the city’s actions and policy-making.

*Formed in January 2011, the Partnership for Racial Equity, is a working group of city staff and community partners, including organizations of color, health advocates, and academics.

RELEASE EVENT: August 7th Release of the Portland City and Bureau Leadership
Racial Equity Strategy Guide

Presented by Portland’s Partnership for Racial Equity*

Tuesday, August 7
12 noon – 1:00 pm
Portland Building Auditorium, 2nd floor, 1120 SW 5th Ave
Please RSVP to Katie Sawicki at gro.xdplunull@ikciwask

“What does equity look like in practice?”

Mayor Sam Adams, Commissioner Amanda Fritz, Dante James, Director of the Office of Equity and Human Rights will attend to support the launch of the Guide, which is meant to compliment the work of the newly created Office of Equity and Human Rights. Director James will present the Office of Equity and Human Right’s next steps and first year work plan.

For more information about this guide or the Partnership for Racial Equity, please contact: Katie Sawicki
Policy and Research Associate
Urban League of Portland
10 N Russell Street
Portland, OR 97227-1673
(503) 280-2600 Ext. 621