Legislative Advocacy

In the 2013 Legislative Session, The Urban League Asked Legislators to Support Several Bills.

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Cultural Competency for Healthcare Providers – HB 2611

We believe that all people should have access to a basic level of quality health care, and ensuring that all licensed health care providers in Oregon receive cultural competency training will help ensure all Oregonians receive quality care. The Urban League, along with its partners, is advocating for the passage of HB 2611, which promotes and sets standards for Cultural Competency training and standards for health providers.  It’s Just Good Healthcare. PASSED!
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Licenses for Natural Hair Care – HB 3409

The Urban League supports new licensing requirements for natural hair stylists that would remove barriers for practitioners and ultimately support the growth of this industry. Currently, Oregon law requires that all natural hair practitioners acquire a full cosmetology license. HB 3409 creates a separate license for natural hair care practitioners that focuses on standards specifically related to hair braiding, twisting, locking, brushing and combing without the use of chemically altering hair products, paving the way for more jobs and increased opportunities for African immigrant and African American businesses.
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End Police Profiling – SB 560

Police profiling impacts a growing number of Oregonians. SB 560 would require law enforcement agencies to eliminate profiling in the course of any investigatory activity on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, language, housing status and other factors. It would also require law enforcement agencies  to track and report data related to profiling incidents; investigate complaints and take corrective action. In this way, make law enforcement more transparent, and give our communities a legal vehicle to combat bias-based policing.
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Oregon Paid Sick Days – HB 3390

A high proportion of African Americans, 44% or women and nearly 50% of African American men– are not able to earn a single paid sick day to use to recover from common illnesses.  When illness strikes, they have to risk their economic security by staying home, or their health or a family member’s health by going to work.  That’s why the Urban League supported a City Ordinance for Earned Sick Days, which the Portland City Council passed unanimously.  We believe that HB 3390, a statewide Earned Sick Days measure would benefit all working Oregonians.

Retirement Security – HB 3436

Every working Oregonian should have an easy, secure way to plan and save for retirement.  Yet, after a lifetime of lower pay or long periods out of work, Blacks and Latinos receive 26 percent less in average annual benefits from Social Security than do most seniors.  Many rely on Social Security for more than 90% of income in retirement, and nearly half of Oregonians aged 25-64 are not covered by a retirement plan at work.   HB 3436 is a responsible, bipartisan approach to developing a long-term solution. PASSED!

Racial Impact Statements – SB 463

The Urban League supports this bill as one way of addressing the over-representation in the criminal justice system and in the child welfare system by racial and ethnic minorities. There is a need for tools at the legislative level to ensure that legislators can predict disparate racial  impact in criminal justice and child welfare  legislation before a bill is passed,  and have the information they need to avoid unintended consequences. The Racial Impact Statements authorized by SB 463 is one such tool to begin to reduce these disparities in our criminal justice and child welfare systems.

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