ACE’s Civic Engagement program works to unite African Americans, communities of color and others by creating leaders in the community and developing the community’s capacity to achieve and create a more equitable and just place to live and work.

Organizing and Civic Engagement

Social Justice and Civic Leadership:  Through this program, we provide social justice advocates with the tools and opportunities to become leaders in the community.

East Portland Connect:  We are working with community members and organizations out in East Portland to identify the needs of this changing population.  As families and communities have moved east, the Urban League of Portland is committing to ensuring that the community’s employment, health and education needs are heard.

Diversity and Civic Leadership V.O.I.C.E. (Voice Our Importance through Community Engagement) Project is an outreach and community engagement program. It is a series of forums to provide information, raise awareness and to provide the community with a voice on issues and decision-making in the city and region. VOICE forums provide an opportunity to gain input from the community on issues, policies and practices that impact their lives and communities.

The Vote Project:  Helping to get out the vote is a fundamental part of our civic engagement work.  Through the Vote project, Urban League staff and volunteers knock on doors and participate in community events to ensure that everyone is registered and educated about their rights as a voter.