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Benton County Sheriff's Office

Are you passionate about justice and community safety?

Do you want to make a positive difference in the community where you live?

If you answered YES then we want YOU!!

All applicants will be required to complete a written test (NCJOSI) and a physical test (ORPAT-Oregon

Physical Abilities Test)

*Recent test results may be accepted in place of in person testing.*

Joining the Benton County Sheriff’s Office will give you the opportunity to be a part of a progressive,

professional law enforcement office that serves a county of over 90,000 citizens. Involvement

opportunities are ample with these positions/duties available: Marine Patrol, Forest Patrol, Detectives,

Street Crimes, Medical Examiner, K-9, Warrant Response Team, Honor Guard, Peer Support Team, Drug

Recognition Expert, Field Training Deputy, Instructors (Firearms, Defensive Tactics, CONSIMS, EVOC,

ATV, 1st Aid/CPR, OC Spray, Taser, Standard Field Sobriety Test, etc.), Search and Rescue, Crash

Team, School Resource Deputy, and more!

Incentives for our Deputies include- Uniforms, duty weapon, equipment, and uniform cleaning

provided. Shifts are 10 hours with 1 hour paid workout time during shift, employer paid PERS, 1.5%

employer contribution into Deferred Comp, 5% English-Spanish Bilingual Pay (to be verified at hire),

5% Field Training Deputy Pay when actively being a trainer, K-9 Deputies receive extra 4 hours base

pay every week, 2% ORPAT Pay annually-for 4:59 or less, 7.5% Detective Pay, Continued Education

Reimbursement, 3% DPSST Intermediate Certification, 3% DPSST Advanced Certification, generous

County sponsored wellness program and overtime opportunities. Non-offensive tattoos and neatly

trimmed facial hair are permitted.

Whether going out for a day of fishing or hunting, rafting the river, hiking and biking one of our many

trails, shopping and dancing at the Fall Festival, attending a play at a local theater or visiting the

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mountains & beaches a short drive from Corvallis, Benton County has this and so much more to offer.

View our national award winning video:

Benton County is committed to continuously providing a workplace

where equal employment opportunity is afforded to all people.

Women, minorities, laterals and veterans are encouraged to apply!

This recruitment may be used to fill multiple positions and may be used to establish a pool of qualified

candidates for future vacancies.

Essential Functions:

Enforce Laws

• Enforce state and local laws. Conduct complete and impartial criminal investigations in Benton

County and the State of Oregon. Respond to initial complaint(s) and determine what resource(s)

are needed to successfully resolve situation. Interview victims, witnesses and suspects requiring

tact, diplomacy and command presence. Engage with irrational and combative individuals.

• Performs law enforcement and crime prevention activities relating to federal, state, and local

traffic and criminal laws and ordinances. Arrests and books suspects; transports prisoners;

investigates crimes and criminal complaints; provides field service of civil process; and prepares

necessary reports. Performs other work as required.

Documentation/Court/Public Relations

• Complete reports and documents accurately and in a timely manner. Appear in court and

independently testify in civil proceedings and criminal trials. Provides positive public interaction

and information sharing with diverse contacts: Citizens, victims, offenders, witnesses, children,

teachers, social workers, mental health professionals, doctors, nurses, other law enforcement

agencies and employees, media, government officials, commissioners, mayors, fire agencies, etc.


• Completes training and mandatory qualifications as outlined by BCSO policy and procedure. Must

maintain current DPSST certification.

And other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

** No Experience Necessary, we will train! **

• Valid State issued Driver’s License with good driving record.

• 21 years of age at time of hire.

• High School Graduate or GED equivalent (Bachelor’s Degree Preferred).

• US Citizen.

• Complete the ORPAT during hiring process and during Academy.

• Successfully pass a criminal records check, psych and medical before being hired.

• DPSST Basic Law Enforcement Certification- within 1 year of employment.

• Show proficiency and meet BCSO qualifications and standards for firearms and defensive tactics.

• Complete periodic Emergency Vehicle Operations Course.

• Complete Intoxilyzer Certification.

• LEDS Certification required within 6 months of hiring.

• First Aid and CPR Certifications within 60 days of hiring.

All qualified candidates must complete the NCJOSI written test with a 70% or higher overall score and

the ORPAT (Oregon Physical Abilities Test). You may submit previously earned test results (w/in 6

months for the ORPAT and 1 year for the written test).

This position requires driving and may require use of a personal vehicle.

Additional Information:

Positions in this class typically require: reaching, standing, walking, running, grasping, feeling, talking,

hearing, seeing and repetitive motions. Requires frequently lifting and carrying varying from light to

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heavy. Work hours and days off vary every 4 months to include day shift, swing shift and graveyard.

Work during all types of weather conditions. Nature of position involves exposure to health and safety

risks on a continuous basis. Both, physical injury and exposure to contagious diseases exist. Must be

able to engage with combative individuals. Must maintain a physical standard and competency to use

physical force (run, strike, fight, control, use impact weapons, chemical agents and firearms) and verbal

techniques. Must demonstrate physical force competence and proficiency on a regular basis. Operates

a patrol vehicle under stressful circumstances, occasionally at high rates of speed in all weather


Benton County is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer committed to work force diversity,

fair employment practices and non-discrimination, including pay equity for all employees. We do not

discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, marital status, family status, national origin, age,

mental or physical disability, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or source of


If you wish to identify yourself as an individual with a disability under the Americans with Disabilities

Act of 1990 and will be requesting accommodation, please contact the Benton County Human Resources

Department by calling (541)766-6081 or email


☆ Dont forget to tell your interviewer that you heard about this opportunity from the Urban League of Portland ☆