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City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services

The Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) is seeking an enterprise-level Business Systems and Data Management Strategist (Sr. Business Systems Analyst) to oversee the maturity, development, implementation and operations / maintenance of multiple, complex, IT-related business systems and appropriate and applicable data management strategies.  This position resides in the Business Services Group, within the Mapping, Data and Application Services (MDAS) Division, under the direction of a Division Manager.

This position specifically oversees the Data unit of MDAS, which serves as BES’ centralized provider of: data management solutions and strategies; IT-related business system process documentation and evaluation; and technology-specific project management services. Staff within the Data unit work closely with MDAS’ IT-focused colleagues and various Bureau stakeholders to maintain and/or mature current technology-related business system processes, and/or the evaluation and implementation of new solutions.

This position’s primary role is to ensure BES utilizes an enterprise / standard approach to data management across multiple IT-related business systems, based on Bureau strategic objectives and priorities.  This position supervises a team of other MDAS Sr. Business Systems Analysts (Sr. BSAs), each of whom are assigned their own primary BES group.  Those Sr. BSAs coordinate with applicable Managers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to help identify, document, charter and support that group’s IT-related data and business system needs.

The following minimum qualifications are required for this position:

1. Knowledge of, and experience with, enterprise-level business systems analysis and design principles, methodologies and tools.

2. Ability to evaluate, develop, communicate and implement enterprise-level business systems / data management best practices, business process documentation and evaluation.

3. Ability to develop, coordinate and implement plans to meet complex bureau data management objectives, and reach sound, logical conclusions regarding customer needs and IT-related business system requirements, across multiple workgroups.

4. Ability to develop and implement enterprise-level goals, objectives, policies, procedures, and management controls necessary to mature and maintain valued data assets.

5. Ability to foster exceptional communication and rapport with staff and communicate technical information clearly, verbally and in writing, and translate between customers and IT professionals to ensure all parties understand, in terms of system needs, requirements and technology parameters and constraints.

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