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NW Natural

Construction Trainee

(Up to 12 positions)

Union Position

Core Distribution; Various Portland locations

Regular; Full-Time

Posting # 50228913

May 5, 2017


General Purpose:

Performs basic construction tasks as a member of a crew or alone as appropriate.


General Essential Functions:

·         Performs construction and related activities on mains, services, and related equipment.

·         Performs mechanical connections, pipe fusing, and pipe joining work.

·         Plugs, taps, tests, and purges mains or service.

·         Builds and replaces meter sets, regulators, and house-lines.

·         Reads meters.

·         Pre-inspects job sites and inspects customer-provided excavations.

·         Coordinates jobs including attendance at pre-construction meetings and serving as liaison with internal and external stakeholders regarding permits, installation dates, saw cuts, etc.

·         Performs various one-person work as required.

·         Trains, assists, and provides feedback to less-experienced workers at the direction of supervisor, which may include providing feedback to supervisor on progress of training.

·         Performs other tasks as required, including those in lower levels, and in General Task Bar #1 as identified in the Job Description JAG, with training as needed.

·         Appropriately wears required protective equipment and safety gear.

·         Operates Company vehicles in compliance with state/local laws and Company policies and procedures.

·         Acquires and maintains OQ qualifications.

·         Acts and communicates in a professional, respectful, and cooperative manner in connection with all activities associated with NW Natural.

·         Follows supervisory instructions and is flexible and adaptable to changing conditions and expectations.

·         Maintains punctual, regular, and reliable attendance.

·         Demonstrates the Company’s core values and complies with all Company policies and procedures.


Position Specific Essential Functions:

Phase 1 (Construction Trainee, Pipe Fuser In-Training 1,2)

·         Performs Trainee functions to assist in the installation, lowering, maintenance, and replacement of mains and services.

Phase 2 (Pipe Fuser)

·         Successfully completes In-Training Program; performs all the essential functions of Phase 1 (Pipe Fuser in Training.)

·         Performs polyethylene fusion pipe joining on gas pipeline facilities and structures made in connection with installing, lowering, repairing, and replacing mains and services.

Construction 1 consists of three levels. Employees will receive training and will be evaluated at each of these levels. Refer to the Training Department for detail on the details on the training program.



Essential Function Requirements:

·         Demonstrated knowledge, skills, and ability in field construction methodology and requirements directly related to this position.

·         Ability to use associated tools, and mechanized equipment such as backhoe, mini-excavator, bore machine, dump trucks, and jack hammer.

·         Knowledge of materials, methods, and the tools involved in pipeline or other utility construction.

·         Demonstrated skills/knowledge with proper digging techniques.

·         Manual dexterity adequate to effectively use basic tools including, but not limited to hand tools, power/pneumatic tools, etc.

·         Basic math and reading skills.

·         Ability to access, input, and retrieve information from a computer.

·         Basic knowledge of the Company’s organization, inter-relationships, policies, procedures, processes, and department/work specific requirements.

·         Ability to interface with employees and customers to answer questions or resolve issues with tact and diplomacy.

·         Ability to perform physically demanding work involving walking, standing, bending, twisting, wrist turning, grasping, lifting, squatting, kneeling, reaching, or assuming awkward postures for 8+ hours.

·         Ability to hear normal voice at 3 feet; warning signals/horns during field operations.

·         Near/distant vision for driving and reading information to complete work assignments.

·         Moderate/severe exposure to uneven surfaces, noise, vibration, high-speed rotating machinery, and odorant inhalation.

·         Must be able to lift a maximum of 90 lbs.

·         Must be able to transport and load/unload equipment and materials at worksites in compliance with state/local and Company regulations.

·         Ability to work in adverse weather or terrain conditions.

·         Ability to safely operate Company vehicles/equipment and perform inspections and minor maintenance as necessary and in compliance with Company policies and state/local laws.

·         Valid OR/WA driver’s license, any required certifications and/or endorsements, and satisfactory driving record.  Must hold, or be able to obtain a valid Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Class A.

·         Must successfully meet requirements for respirator use.

·         Must be able to work overtime and travel outside the assigned location for extended overnight stays.

·         Qualified bidders must be able to respond to their assigned Resource Center within 40 minutes.

·         Subject to random drug testing.

·         National Career Readiness Certificate Preferred.


Position Essential Function Requirements:

Qualification Period (timeframes below are from start of training for the level):

C1 Level 1: Three calendar months

C1 Level 2: Six calendar months

C1 Level 3: Three calendar months

From entry to fully qualified C1 (Level 3): Twelve calendar months


This position will be tested on:

ACT Locating Level 4

ACT Observation Level 4


Hourly Wage:                     $25.45 (Grade 150A Step 01)

Application Process:       To be considered for this position, submit a complete electronic application including a cover letter and a resume.

Applications will be reviewed once application deadline has passed.

Deadline:  May 19, 2017


NW Natural is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.  We also promote a drug-free work environment.

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: →

☆ Dont forget to tell your interviewer that you heard about this opportunity from the Urban League of Portland ☆