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Oregon Youth Authority

Principal Executive/Manager B – Living Unit Manager
JOB Number: REQ-21764

To apply: Complete the application online at and search REQ-21764 or go here:

Bring your proven leadership skills to OYA!


What You Will Be Doing:

We have an opportunity as a Living Unit Manager (LUM) at the Rogue Valley Youth Correctional Facility in Grants Pass, Oregon. This position manages the daily operations and logistics of a 24/7 closed custody living unit. This position directs and supervises unit staff who provide daily supervision, control and treatment of adjudicated youth at OYA and youth from the Department of Corrections in a secure correctional facility. The LUM projects and prepares budget requests to support operational needs, evaluates services for effectiveness, maintains living unit equipment and supplies, participates as a member of the facility management team and serves as Officer of the Day as needed.


Additional Information:

Representation: This position is part of the state’s management team.

  • Develop and implement processes, structures, and work schedules that support staff engagement.
  • Develop and monitor unit schedules to ensure that youth are receiving the services identified on their case plan.
  • Problem solve scheduling difficulties with the facility staff schedulers and unit leaders to ensure campus operations run smooth and youth are in identified programming.
  • Develop unit guidelines and protocols to create a safe environment on the unit.
  • Develop employees by working with employees on an individual and team basis to identify training opportunities.
  • Facilitate community groups, one on one meetings, primary time, and other activities to allow for youth and staff to have meaningful participation in the program.
  • Develop and maintain active youth connection to their communities through creating opportunities for volunteering and other activities for the youth and staff.
  • Assign staff tasks necessary to ensure that the living unit is a pleasant, clean and organized environment free from clutter and contraband.
  • Develop communication among living unit staff by providing pertinent information verbally, through written communication in the living unit log, or through email.
  • Schedule and facilitate monthly staff meetings to ensure communication, consistency, coaching and mentoring of staff and to foster a unit culture of Positive Human Development.
  • Complete all necessary Human Resource related documentation for assigned staff such as payroll, FMLA, SAIF, and performance appraisals when due (annual, temporary or special).
  • Respond to, review, investigate and resolve incidents of alleged staff misconduct and allegations of abuse or mistreatment with support from and in coordination with Professional Standards Office and Human Resources.
  • Evaluate living unit functioning through direct interaction with youth to ensure that safety, security and supervision are in compliance with policies, procedures and best practices.
  • Monitors and manages the living unit budget, including services and supplies, and miscellaneous items.
  • Ensure that youth are provided professional case management, meeting expectations outlined in the Assessment, Multidisciplinary Teams, and Case Planning policy, the OYA Multidisciplinary Team Standards document, and the OYA Case Planning Documentation Standards document.
  • Ensure that family visitation and youth contact with family occurs according to policy and is treated as a high priority.
  • Ensure that all the youth’s development, educational, vocational, and recreational needs are met and that all state and federal educational standards are enforced.
  • Ensure that youth rights are protected including but not limited to the unhindered access to: mental health services, grievance forms and the grievance process, the youth safety Hot Line, to contact a legal representation, a law library, and receive proper treatment and due process in isolation or on special program placement.
  • Take action to ensure the effective and efficient operation of the facility through the use of policy, procedures, budget controls and accountability of delegated responsibility.
  • Serve as Officer-of-the-Day (OD), senior manager-in-charge, of the youth correctional facility after normal business hours and on weekends.


Five years of experience in lead work, supervision, staff-technical, or professional-level work related to juvenile justice. This experience must have included participation in the management of a program, section, or unit including one or more of the following areas:

  1. Development of program rules and policies,
  2. Development of long and short term goals and plans,
  3. Program evaluation, OR
  4. Budget preparation

Note: A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent course work (144 quarter or 96 semester hours) in a field related to management, such as Business or Public Administration, or a field related to juvenile justice may be substituted for up to three years of the required experience.


DESIRED ATTRIBUTES/APPLICATION SCORING CRITERIA: In addition to your related work experience and education, we will use the attributes below to determine whom to interview.

  • Experienced leadership ability with strong interpersonal, problem solving, decision making, collaboration and conflict resolution skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze and manage complex and sensitive workplace issues and situations.
  • Experience handling crisis situations in a youth corrections environment.
  • Proved written and oral communication skills demonstrated in application material as well as in the interview.
  • Supervisory skills including communication, mentoring, coaching and delegating.
  • Strong organizational planning, research and execution skills.

Application Instructions:

1. Complete the application online at and search REQ-21764 or go here:

2. Cover Letter: Please attach a cover letter to your application addressing how your education and experiences qualify you for this position. Please include in your response how you meet the desired attributes of the position.

Working Conditions:

All OYA locations are tobacco-free environments.
Employees are subject to recall during facility emergencies. May deal with angry and hostile family members and visitors.
Staff is expected to be a positive example and role model for other staff and youth offenders. The staff is to be supportive toward OYA policies and procedures. Being a positive role model includes, but is not limited to: reliability; dependability; regular and punctual attendance in order to provide consistent services and provide public safety; neat personal appearance; treating all humans with respect; and being a law-abiding citizen. Each employee is to provide a positive, affirming environment which values their fellow employees and the people they serve.
All OYA employees are expected to work using safe work practices and to follow all polices regarding safe work practices.
Daily contact with youth offenders and others who exhibit hostile, assaultive behavior. This position is expected to enforce rules and may need to physically restrain youth. It is subject to a hostage situation.
There is potential exposure to communicable diseases. The consistent and effective use of appropriate infection-control materials and techniques is required.

Pre-employment Checks:

We will conduct criminal background checks on final candidates including current OYA employees. All applicants are subject to additional pre-employment check(s) such as driver license, fingerprint based on criminal records check, pre-employment drug screening and/or education verification as required for the position.

The Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) is responsible for complying with the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA 42 U.S.C. 1997). Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) prohibits OYA from hiring, promoting or contracting with anyone (who has direct contact with residents) who have been convicted of engaging or attempting to engage in sexual activity in the community facilitated by force, overt or implied threats of force, or coercion, or if the victim did not consent or was unable to consent or refuse.

This standard requires OYA to conduct criminal background checks, conduct a check of the state’s child abuse registry, and made its best efforts to contact prior institutional employers to obtain this information.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) requires correctional organizations to ensure that their employees are Tuberculosis (TB) free. All OYA employees are required to submit to a two-step TB test which is currently the requirement of the CDC to establish a TB free “base line.” Rather than OYA conducting the test, employees may choose to work with their personal health care providers to provide the agency with medical documentation that demonstrates that they are TB free. If offered employment and you accept, OYA will offer you the TB testing, and if you refuse, OYA will require the necessary documentation from your personal health care provider as a condition of employment.

Veteran’s Points:
Eligible veterans who meet the qualifications will be given veterans’ preference. To receive preference, veterans must attach appropriate documentation as outlined by the Department of Administrative Services at the following website: Veterans Resources.  Veterans may also call the Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs at 1-800-692-9666.

Note: DD214 member 1 copies do not contain character of service and cannot be used to verify veterans’ preference eligibility. Please attach DD214 member 2 or 4.


To apply for this job please visit the following URL: →

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