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As they orbit the earth capturing data and images that help us predict the weather, provide our exact location, and teach us about the solar system, satellites are invaluable to humanity’s pursuit to understand the universe. If earth is SAIF, then our corporate strategists are the satellites that provide a bird’s eye view of the company, snapshots of each division and their project work, and the ability to look past our walls to understand the market, economy, and our place in it.

With the primary goal of bringing clarity and insight to bridge the divide between mission and action, you will work with executives and others to develop and carry out the annual strategic plan. You will also work directly with all parts of the company to address significant questions: What is the problem we’re trying to solve? How will it serve our customers? Is this the right priority and how does it advance our mission?

Just like a satellite delivers data that helps humans make decisions about how to drive somewhere, what TV channel to turn to, or how to dress for the weather, you will compile records and information that help SAIF leaders make strategic decisions. To do this well, you’ll need curiosity, collaboration, and a deep desire to know insurance and business.

Are you ready to enter SAIF’s orbit as our new corporate strategist? Apply today.

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: →

☆ Dont forget to tell your interviewer that you heard about this opportunity from the Urban League of Portland ☆