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April Advocacy Newsletter


Making Waves in the State Capitol 
Urban League of Portland Advocacy and Civic Engagement
 Newsletter April, 17th 2013 
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Natural Hair Act
Cultural Competency
Older Adults Advocacy
Bill Run Down
Housing Discussion




Up Coming Engagement Opportunities:


Oregon State Ways & Means 
Public Meetings 


Tuesday, April 23



Moriarty Arts & Humanities Auditorium

Portland Community College, Cascades Campus

705 N. Killingsworth St.



Multnomah County Budget Hearing


Tuesday, May 31 – 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), Gymnasium, 10301 NE Glisan, Portland




For more information please contact Community Organizer Lakeitha Elliott gro.xdplunull@ttoillel  





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Advocacy and Civic Engagement Department

Midge Purcell,
Public Affairs Coordinator gro.xdplunull@llecrupm
Katie Sawicki,
Policy & Research Associate gro.xdplunull@ikciwask


Lakeitha Elliott,
Community Organizer gro.xdplunull@ttoillel
Ty Schwoeffermann,
Health Equity Coordinator gro.xdplunull@whcsyt
Urban League of Portland
10 North Russell Street
Portland, Oregon 97227



Natural Hair Public Hearing

From Left: Yvette Maranowski, Lisa Summers, Lakeitha Elliott, Zyonna Hardy, Jerome Brooks, Amber Starks, Midge Purcell, Ty Schwoeffermann, Bonnie Johnson
HB 3409 Natural Hair Care bill – Amber Starks with champions celebrate after the House Consumer Protection and Government Efficiency Committee work session which voted 9-0 in favor.  HB 3409 is scheduled for House floor vote on April 19. [LINK
Cultural Competency
Just Good Healthcare  


Cultural Competency House Floor Vote
From Left: Victoria Demchak, Anny Chiao-Yun Hsiao, Ron Williams, Cree Gordan, Midge Purcell, Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer, Ty Schwoeffermann, Joseph Lyon-Santos
First Row: Julee Kim, John Joo, Bryan Little, Roberto Gutierrez

HB 2611 Cultural Competency – received a favorable House floor vote of 46-12 it has been referred to the Senate Health Committee. [LINK




Older Adults Advocacy

Community Budget Forums at Montgomery Park

Lawanda, Calvin, Harvey, Lyda, Anjala, and Arleta


Senior Center Director Arleta Ward-Christain and seniors from the Multicultural Seniors center showed their support for services for older adults. [LINK]



The Run Down of All Bills Impacted 

HB 3436 – Retirement security bill. Senior services Program Director Norma Mullen gave supportive testimony 3-22-13.  HB 3436 passed out of committee with a 6-4 vote on 4-17. [LINK]

HB 3194 – Bill relating to Measure 11 and Measure 57 sentencing reform held two public hearings on 4-3 and 4-5. [LINK


“Thanks so much for your new work the Urban League is doing in the community it’s good to get fresh and proactive approach up and going.  Thanks for inviting the community into the process it’s way over do.  We can not wait for others to do for us as a community what we have to really do for ourselves.” Sharon Maxwell gave testimony in support of HB 3194.  



HB 2668 – Public accommodations.   [LINK


On April 3rd , Lakeitha Elliott, Community Organizer at the Urban League of Portland and constituent in Lew Fredrick’s district testified alongside Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries  Brad Avakian on House Bill 2668 which was introduced by Representative Fredrick (at the request of Commissioner Avakian). HB2668 expands the definition of “place of public accommodation” to include places owned or maintained by public body and services provided by public body. 2013 marks the 60th year since the passage of the historic 1953 Public Accommodations Law that was the culmination of nearly four decades of hard, painful and self-sacrificing struggle by African American Oregon citizens to end racial discrimination in places of public accommodation. The current bill covers discrimination in places such as public parks and  



HB 3390 – Earned Sick Days – Health Equity Coordinator Ty Schwoeffermann gave supportive testimony on 4-3-13.  [LINK



SB 560 – Ending Police Profiling this legislation did not get a scheduled public hearing but will likely have an informational hearing by the end of session.  [LINK



HB 3440 – expands eligibility for TANF – Public Affairs Coordinator Midge Purcell gave supportive testimony on 3-20-13. [LINK



SB 463A – Racial Impact Statement Legislation passes out of Oregon State Senate with a 27-2 vote on 4-16-13. [LINK]  



HB 2890 – Inclusionary Zoning passed out of committee on 4-15-13.  [LINK



Governors Prosperity Initiative – Public Affairs Coordinator Midge Purcell participated in the First Lady Cylvia Hayes and the Oregon Prosperity Initiative which seeks to impact Oregon’s impoverished communities.  [LINK

Housing Discussion

Housing discussion and luncheon facilitated by Carlos Windham all feedback will be directly reported to the Portland Housing Bureau. [LINK]

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