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Interview with Christopher Johnson: A Youth Employment Summer Program Success Story

“I’m not so worried about working after college because I know I can get a job now, I’m not scared of the real world as much as I was.”
– Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson, a graduate of the Urban League of Portland’s 2012 Youth Employment Summer Program, is a busy young man. He is currently writing a series of novels while studying Journalism at Pacific University, where he is also employed as a writing tutor and works for the school newspaper.

Christopher has used the resume writing, job search, and interviewing skills that he learned in the Urban League of Portland’s Youth Employment Summer Program to secure summer employment and help support himself while in school, and to secure his most recent position as a tutor at Pacific University.

“The thing that the Urban League has taught me to do is, it taught me that getting a job doesn’t have to be the hardest thing to do. It’s not such a hefty task once you know you have resources.”
– Christopher Johnson