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Interview with Alexander Clay: A Workforce Program Success Story

Picture of Alexander Clay


“The Urban League is a wonderful place to start you life or career and move forward with your life – and they are serious about it – they will definitely get you hired.”
– Alexander Clay, Road Maintenance Worker for the City of Portland and Workforce client.

Alexander Clay is a Maintenance Worker for the City of Portland. He got this job as a result of participating in an Urban League of Portland targeted recruitment with the City of Portland.

An Urban League of Portland Workforce Employment Specialist assisted him through every step of his job application process: arranging for him to job shadow, assisting with his resume, and followed up with him and continued to provide support and guidance once his application was submitted, and even after he had secured the job. The same Workforce Specialist is currently helping Alexander navigate the application process for an opportunity for advancement with his current employer.

“It’s like having someone shadow you, or just having someone take you under their wing and walk you trough into the door – just that extra insurance of someone who is going to be there for you if you have any troubles on a job or if you have any questions about what the advancement can be in your job – the Urban League helped me to get to where I need to go – and I appreciate them for that.”

“I think, out of all of the services I have ever used, including WorkSource”, the Urban League of Portland’s employment services are “more personal, more hands on, I think that having an Employment Specialists walk you through the process is the best attribute of the program.”

“I pave, repair, and I seal roads – I do like it – I like the construction aspect, I like the fact that something was broken damaged and it’s my job to fix it – I like the fact that I can – it’s great, when you go back and look at the road and its level, its smooth, its great – at first it looked crummy.”