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Interview with Carlos Crochett: A Workforce Program Success Story

Carlos Crochett Picture

“You can’t give up, regardless of what it looks like, regardless of what you may be going through at the present time – you have to know that it’s only temporary, its not where you are going to be for the rest of your life – just keep pushing, keep pushing, stay positive and you will achieve the success that you are looking for.”
– Carlos Crochett., Direct Support Professional at Adult Learning Services of Oregon and Workforce client.

Carlos Crochett was a client of WorkSource (the Oregon Employment Department) he had heard about the Urban League of Portland’s Workforce employment services at church, but had never actually utilized them until he was encouraged to by a staff member of the Sheet Metal Institute: “she was like, WorkSource isn’t working for you, you need to go to the Urban League”.

Carlos took her advice and came to the Urban League where he received help with his resume as well as job interview coaching.
“I came in with a resume that I had made on my own, but I wanted to bring it to a specialist because it didn’t really look like it should, so I brought it in and the specialist absolutely did a beautiful makeover on it – the specialist didn’t just do it for me, he assisted me in making it better.”
– Carlos Crochett

Carlos says that the interview preparation and help that he received with his resume “definitely helped” him get the job.

“I wasn’t nervous at all like at other interviews – I was totally confident in this interview because of the training that I had received and was greeted with open arms – they brought me in, sat me down, we had the interview and it was kind of a hilarious interview because we laughed through the interview – it was the first time in my life I was able to laugh with a hiring manager. After I had the interview I was actually told by the hiring manager that I had nailed it, I absolutely nailed the interview – and they absolutely loved how my resume was written.”