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Interview with Karis Wash: A Workforce Program Success Story

Karis Wash

Karis Wash moved to Portland in 2013, and quickly reached out to the Urban League of Portland’s Workforce Department, which he’d heard about at church. Wash had an impressive work history, had attended college in New Mexico, and serves as a reservist in the National Guard, but he needed some guidance in a new city to navigate his employment options. He worked one-on-one with Workforce program staff to polish his resume, “Debra really gave it that professional touch,” he says. He took advantage of the Urban League of Portland’s Career Resource room to access educational materials that brought his job searching skills up to another level.

Within a few weeks he had secured a job at a local electronics retailer, but he continued to pursue a career with more potential. Just three months after arriving in Portland, Wash was referred by the Urban League to interview for an IT internship working for Multnomah County, which had a much higher wage, and the opportunity for advancement. Wash used the interview skills he had learned at the Urban League to dazzle the selection committee, and was offered the position. Karis Wash, with help from the Urban League, has learned valuable IT skills, while earning a living wage, and is now even better positioned for lifelong success.