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Interview with Sabrina Clark: A Youth Employment Summer Program Success Story

“The program helped me to see what I will need to accomplish, what goals I will need to set in order for me to get to where I want to be”
– Sabrina Clark

Before entering the Urban League of Portland’s Youth Employment Summer Program in 2012 Sabrina Clark was a motivated and hardworking student, but she struggled with time management and organization and did not have a career path in mind.

“The Urban League Youth Program definitely helped me take school more seriously, before the program I knew I wanted to go to college but I didn’t have as much determination, I didn’t have much motivation to look for my options college wise until I got into the program – then I started to see, I saw my options I figured out a path that I wanted to take and I pursed that path”

Sabrina is planning to start her first year at Portland Community College where she will study child psychology and education. She says that the skills she gained in the Urban League of Portland’s Youth Employment Summer Program, such as resume writing and interviewing skills, and the confidence she derived from having those skills was instrumental in her gaining her first and most recent job at the Boys and Girls Club.

She is slightly nervous about her first semester in college, but only slightly, because she knows that she has the skills that she needs to succeed.