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Interview with Silias Evers: A Workforce Program Success Story

Photo of Silias Evers

“When we were revising my resume – we went step by step, it was an interesting process”

– Silas Evers, Ramp Agent at Alaskan Airlines and Workforce client.

Silas Evers loves his new job as a ramp agent for Alaskan Airlines, he says that he enjoys the new challenge and that “it feels great to work there and help people”.

He obtained his job through hard work and dedication, and with the help of the Urban League of Portland’s Workforce Department.

Silas utilized a number of Workforce services during his job search including: computers and free printing in the resource room, resume writing texts housed in the Urban League’s resource room library, and Urban League job listings, he also received one-on-one assistance with both filling out job applications, and with perfecting his resume.

Commenting on the services and resources available to job seekers at the Urban League of Portland Silas said “there are such a large variety of resources laid out in front of me, and I look around and realize that I have yet to really look at all of the resources and see what I can do with them – there are other places, they say they can help you – but I feel I’m getting a more personal hands on experience with the Urban League”.

Silas’s advice to other job seekers: “just keep fighting for that chance to work – keep working hard, just keep at it – there is a job out there for everybody – it’s true – it’s just a matter of connecting the right person with the right job”.