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Presenting the 2014 Social Justice & Civic Leadership Program Cohort


The Urban League of Portland is pleased to present our 2014 Social Justice and Civic Leadership (SJCL) cohort. The program will provide participants an opportunity to  work together throughout the year on Urban League issue campaigns. We will also cover how to impact public policy and involvement in public decision-making.  The SJCL program began with a retreat  in late December 2013,  and the cohort will meet through the November 2014 election to strengthen their skills, share their expertise, educate voters,  plan campaigns and more.  

The retreat was facilitated by Yalonda Sinde, the facilitator of our first Social Justice and Civic Leadership training. The 15 hour training, held in Corbett, Oregon engaged participants ranging in age from 19 to 65 in a variety of role plays and trainings addressing issues of gentrification, criminal justice and employment. Participants learned and used skills including, direct action, lobbying, effectively using media and more. The  participants will continue to meet monthly for additional training and engagement opportunities to build skills in community organizing, leadership development,  legislative organizing, and social policy advocacy.  The participants will identify critical community issues and develop effective strategies and organizing campaigns.

If you have any questions concerning the Social Justice and Civic Leadership Program, please email Lakeitha Elliott or call her at 503-280-2600, ext 611.