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Statement from Nkenge Harmon Johnson, Chief Executive Officer and President of the Urban League of Portland

“There are no words adequate to describe my feelings of anger and sadness caused by the act of domestic terrorism committed in Portland yesterday. On behalf of the employees and volunteers of the Urban League, I express heartfelt condolences to those who knew and loved Taliesin Namkai-Meche, and Ricky John Best. We also send best wishes to Micah David-Cole Fletcher for a complete recovery. We thank them each for their bravery and willingness to do the right thing when they saw hatred in action.”


“I also recognize the two young women who were verbally assaulted by the vicious racist who is now in police custody. I hope that they are able to heal from the pain that this life-changing incident has no doubt inflicted upon them.”


“Portland- and certainly Oregon- has not always been a home to racial- or religious inclusion. The Urban League was started in 1945, to assert the rights of African Americans to live and thrive in this region, when local leaders pushed them to leave. Today, it is our honor and mission to continue to empower people to create equity for all who call our region home. We stand with the victims of this crime, the community who suffers from its effects, and all who wish to make Oregon a place where violence and hatred are part of our shared history but not our future.”



The Urban League of Portland, serving African Americans and others across Oregon and Southwest Washington, since 1945.