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The Urban League Says Yes! On 26-151

healthy kids healthy portlandThe Urban League supports Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland – Ballot Measure 26-151

The dental health crisis in Portland is serious: 1 in 5 kids in metro area is suffering from untreated decay. Portland kids suffer 40% more decay than kids in Seattle, which has fluoridated water. Lower income kids and kids of color suffer even more, with 3 times the rampant decay as higher income kids and lose 12 times more school days due to dental disease than children from higher-income families.  Oregon ranks near the bottom for children’s dental health. Portland is the largest U.S. city that has not adopted water fluoridation, and we suffer more dental decay, higher costs and fewer opportunities because of it.

For every $1 invested in water fluoridation, communities experience an average of $38 in reduced dental costs. In Portland, fluoridation will save at least $20 million in dental care, dollars that we can invest in better access to health and nutrition. The Urban League supports a YES vote on Measure 26-151 on May 21st. Portlanders, including the African American community, will have a lifetime of reduced decay and better health for less than a $1 a year. The Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland campaign is supported by almost all of the advocacy organizations in Portland who work to protect the rights of the communities of color including the Coalition of Communities of Color, APANO, Urban League, Latino Network, and the Center for Intercultural Organizing.
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Contact Jerome Brooks at the Urban League of Portland for more information on how you can help! 503-280-2600 ext.641