Cover Oregon 2The Urban League of Portland works to outreach to underserved communities to ensure all Oregonians are aware of the opportunities for health coverage, including enrollment assistance, plan selection, and follow up for both public and private health insurance. We educate about the available choices and navigate clients through the application process, working towards more equitable access to health insurance for African American Oregonians.

We believe that health insurance should be flexible and accessible to everyone. Our outreach team strives to give support to our community for enrollment in the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). By being a support system to our clients, our team becomes responsible for enrolling clients that qualify for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP); providing information sessions to the potential applicants; providing information to assist the client in making an informed choice when selecting a health care provider/plan; and completing OHP follow-ups.

If you would like free, local and in-person assistance to enroll or renew your health insurance, or if you have general questions about qualifying plans, or even about what new changes in the Affordable Care Act mean for your coverage, stop by during our walk in hours of Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am-12pm or make an appointment by contacting Jazmin Jackson at 503-280-2600 ext. 643, or via email at gro.xdplunull@noskcajj.