Rent Well Workshop Series


Urban League of Portland
10 N Russell Street
United States


The Urban League of Portland is proud to host the Rent Well Series

Rent Well is a short class that you can take to improve your “rent-ability.” In just 3 sessions of classroom time, you will learn how to establish a good relationship with your landlord from the start, and how to become a stable and successful renter – skills that will last you a lifetime.

During the program, you will:

  • Pre-screen yourself the same way that landlords do
  • Create a personalized plan to achieve a stable housing situation
  • Plan a realistic household budget that makes paying the rent a priority
  • Study sample rental agreements to understand common terms and expectations
  • Understand the landlord’s perspective on renting out property
  • Learn how to move in (and move-out) the right way
  • Learn simple steps to maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy home

Once you have completed the program assignments, you will have a renter’s portfolio and a graduation certificate that you can show to prospective landlords. You will also be eligible for the Rent Well Landlord Guarantee: a type of “insurance” for landlords that encourages them to do business with you.

*Must attend all three sessions to complete graduation. Register for all sessions today as space is limited.

Date, Time and Registration

You can also contact us at 503-280-2600 ext 648 to sign up!