Announcing Our Older Adult Cancer Coalition

We are working to eliminate health disparities through education, empowerment, and opportunity. 


Older adults in cooking class

Urban League is proud to announce an expansion of our program designed to promote health in our community; the Older Adult Cancer Coalition Project. Funded by the Knight Community Partnership Program and led by the Urban League, the intent of this project is to expand upon the education and engagement programs, like our Healthy Cooking classes, Educational Sessions, Walking groups,Tai-Chi and through partnering with local gyms to help make it easier to make healthy lifestyle choices.

These programs are aimed at helping to prevent cancer by increasing cancer knowledge in older adults of color and in people with disabilities, ages 50 and over. Most recently, we held a cooking class where participants learned a healthy affordable recipe using spices known for their cancer-fighting power.  The program will continue for the year at our Senior Activity Center.