CLOSED -- Apply for COVID-19 Assistance

UPDATE - we received more than 5000 responses to this effort and have closed the portal. 

Are you a BIPOC resident of Portland, OR struggling with loss of income or increased expenses from the pandemic? We may be able to help with one time cash assistance. We are currently accepting applications for cash assistance, in the form of a $500 bank card. If your household's income is at or below 80% of Area Median Income (AMI), you may qualify.  If you do qualify, you will be mailed a bank card within 4 weeks, which can be used for 

  • Dependent care
  • Food
  • Household supplies
  • Medicine and/or health supplies
  • Rent and non-City utility payments
  • Transportation costs
  • Other household assistance expenses 

Only residents of the city of Portland, who have not previously received a card from the city of Portland will qualify. 

The portal is now closed. We received an overwhelming response while the portal was open. Please stay tuned to our social media where we will publicize if and when we receive any other resources for our community.