Help create more Black success stories

Help create more Black success stories

We all have setbacks. We all stumble. Through our comprehensive wraparound programs, we help those who have fallen to get back on their feet.

Sharay was living out of her car with no source of income. Sharay had lost her employment due to the negative impact it was having on her health. With no income, she could no longer pay her rent and eventually had to move out of her apartment. Her son then had to live with his father full-time.

Familiar with the Urban League's legacy of supporting the Black community, she turned to us for help. At the Urban League we quickly and successfully connect individuals and families experiencing homelessness to housing without preconditions and barriers to entry. We placed Sharay in stable and safe housing so she can focus on herself again.

We understand housing is a human right that is key to Black health and wealth. Working side by side with her case manager and an individualized care plan, Sharay set goals to regain stabilization and participated in parenting groups, obtained her driver's license, found a job, and soon after moved into a larger apartment for both her and her son.

The Urban League shows up for the Black community. Over the past year our Black-led organization has impacted over 10,000 Black individuals and families. We do what is necessary to serve our community and provide resources such as:

  • Youth programming that celebrates Black joy and instills pride in our culture
  • Career coaching that builds income and promotes long term wealth and success
  • Workforce programming to help Black youth and adults who experience unemployment at a disproportionately higher rate, connect to living wage jobs
  • Culturally specific health services for members of our community
  • Solutions that end homelessness and advances housing stability
  • Services to keep older adults safe at home and connected to community
  • Build racial equity to make Oregon and Southwest Washington a more just and equitable place to live and work

None of this is possible without supporters like you. When you give to the Urban League, you ensure that we provide resources for people like Sharay and many others who need us.

There are many ways to make your gift! 

  • Mail a check to Urban League of Portland 10 N. Russell Street Portland, OR 97227. 
  • Give online.  
  • Text BLACKSUCCESS to 44-321
  • Give through the Willamette Week Give!Guide and be entered to win great prizes during Big Give Days. 

“I was homeless for about 10 months before I called the Urban League. They helped me out of homelessness. That accomplishment made me feel like nothing in the world could ever stop me. The Urban League has given me so much hope because of how far I've come and all the things I have overcome.”