The Rapid Rehousing Program

Our Rapid Rehousing Program is helping three households per month move from homelessness to housing through our comprehensive housing placement work. Our most vulnerable community members are quickly provided supportive services that eliminate the toughest barriers to securing housing.

This month, a young Black working mother was able to return to safety of home due to our culturally specific services. She connected to our programs through an urgent referral from a community partner, and we learned she was seeking safety from a violent domestic partner and was temporarily staying at a domestic violence emergency shelter for families. She was worried that she would have to return her family to an unsafe living environment due to the short-term nature of her shelter stay.

Fortunately, she was able to connect with a Housing Specialist, who was determined to support her needs. With an urgent intake conducted, we realized that we could eliminate some of her debt that was keeping her from being approved for new rentals. In a very short time, our program participant was able to take a tenant education class that allowed us to offer a landlord guarantee, as well. Due to these services the family would pass most rental screening criteria that was keeping her out of housing. We helped her navigate her apartment search, and offered unconditional cash assistance for deposit, application fees, and were able to cover moving costs as well.

Once the participant immediate housing crisis was alleviated, our Housing Specialist worked with her to create a long-term safety plan that included recovering from the trauma of domestic violence. Now she is safe at home and has entered a job training program to grow her current income. Our case management services will be there to support her as she navigates her new environment for the next few years.

Every year we help move more than seventy-five households from homelessness to housing.  Every person has a very different path to homelessness, and every person needs a unique plan to access a new home.  Our Rapid Rehousing program is ending homelessness one set of keys at a time by evaluating individual needs and helping our participants build their own path home. If you know someone who is experiencing homelessness and would benefit from services designed by Black experts with lived experience to serve the Black community, please reach out to